The West Placer Groundwater Sustainability Agency, once formed, will implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act  within the coverage area. Passed in 2014, this Act requires the formation of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency to manage local groundwater basins, which includes the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan by 2022. The West Placer Groundwater Sustainability Agency coverage area, as defined by the California Department of Water Resources, includes a portion of the North American groundwater basin.

Placer County, the cities of Roseville and LincolnPlacer County Water Agency,  Nevada Irrigation District and in participation with the California American Water Company, will manage portions of the North American groundwater basin and implement activities that preserve and enhance the current state of the resource for our towns, communities, agriculture and the environment. More specifically, this locally-controlled effort will protect the basin from overdraft, create sustainable water supplies, and supports a stable and growing economy, including agriculture.

The West Placer County group of agencies has been working proactively to manage the region’s groundwater for decades. As a result, The North American groundwater basin is very healthy and has repeatedly been replenished during wet years. For years, local agencies have monitored and actively managed groundwater and have instituted a conjunctive use (the practice of storing surface water in a groundwater basin in wet years and withdrawing it from the basin in dry years) program that balances water supply needs in the region.